Campaigners for the vote and workers’ rights in nineteenth century Britain fought for the right to meet and to speak in public space. Protests contested the meaning of ‘public’ in public space.

This website accompanies the book Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789-1848 by Katrina Navickas (Manchester University Press, 2015). It is ‘the book plus’, containing lots of extra material and interactive maps that I didn’t have room to put in the printed version.

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What’s on this site?

the story

the story, 1789-1848

Peterloo massacre cartoon

the Peterloo massacre, 1819

processions, Leeds

processions & marches

Blackstone Edge

moors and fields meetings

town histories

town histories of protest


19th century halls & meeting rooms

Ashton, 1828

the privatisation of public space

Swing map of Yorkshire

Swing riots and Luddism

violent protest

violent protest & riots

map of all meetings

database of all meetings


Sheffield, 1832 electoral boundaries

1830-2 Reform Bill agitation


social movements & protest



Map of political meetings in northern England, 1775-1848:

(not quite finished – keep coming back for updates!)



You can use the data and information on this site, but please credit it to me with the url of the page.

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