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Further reading


Full-text sources available online

Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates – full script of all the parliamentary debates in the Houses of Commons and Lords, searchable

Samuel Bamford, Passages in the Life of a Radical (1849), full text on

The Hull Portfolio, 1831-33, by James Acland, facsimiles and full text on Internet Archive



Doreen Massey, ‘Landscape/space/politics: an essay(2008), for useful biographies and for J. Bronstein’s excel files of Land Plan subscribers

The Luddite Link, sources and timeline relating to Luddism in West Yorkshire


Useful sources and databases online

the many different websites and google maps detailing lost pubs:– thorough history of the former pubs of Bolton, with google map

Pubs of Manchester, essential guide to all the pubs that have ever existed in Manchester & surrounds

The Lost Pubs project – – a growing database of ALL former pubs in the UK


Online sources:

From Weaver to Web, Calderdale history sources –, huge photographic archive for Leeds and surrounds – Manchester Images archive – Manchester Archives’ collection on flickr – York map with 1852 map overlay


Books and academic journal articles


Archer, John E., Social Unrest and Popular Protest in England, 1780–1840 (Cambridge, 2000)

Aspinall, Arthur, Lord Brougham and the Whig Party (Manchester, 1939)

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